2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Time Limit

All requirements for a free-standing graduate certificate must be satisfied within four calendar years from the time of matriculation. 

All requirements for a certificate associated with a concurrent degree program must be satisfied within the time limit associated with that degree.

All requirements for a master's degree must be satisfied within seven calendar years from the time of matriculation.

All requirements for a doctoral degree must be satisfied within nine calendar years from the time of matriculation.

For legitimate and substantial reasons, requests to extend the time to complete masters and doctoral degrees may be considered. Such requests must be formally submitted to the Office for Graduate Academic Affairs for review. Ordinarily, such requests must be made prior to expiration of the normal time to complete degree requirements. Except in very unusual cases, only one such request for an extension will be considered for any student.

In addition to articulating circumstances that have prevented completion of degree requirements within the time periods specified above, and the reason(s) for requesting the extension, the request must also include a detailed plan for degree completion, including a schedule of the remaining coursework to be taken and other specific milestones to be met. Moreover, the plan for completion must describe how the plan ensures that the student’s knowledge in his or her academic field can be considered up-to-date and current. Students are cautioned that in some cases this may include a requirement to retake some or all of their previously taken coursework.