2022-2023 Academic Catalog


Pursuing an advanced graduate or professional degree is a significant commitment. You want to make sure the program matches your academic and career goals and that the campus is a good fit. If you can see yourself tackling graduate work at the University of Dayton, we invite you to search deeper. All it takes to apply is a simple click.

All graduates of approved colleges or universities who hold the bachelor's degree are eligible for admission. Applicants must have had adequate undergraduate preparation in their proposed fields of study and must show promise for pursuing higher studies satisfactorily.

The application for admission to graduate work, available on-line,  should be submitted by August 1 for the first term, by December 1 for the second term, by April 1 for the third term and by June 1 for the second half of the split third term. It is the responsibility of the student that the application, with all necessary supporting documents, be complete and in order. Registration as a graduate student will not be permitted otherwise.

Upon admission, students are designated as full-time or part-time by their deans or program directors. The determination of such status for graduate assistants, students engaged in research, and, in general, all graduate students is made by their respective chairs.

Graduate students are also classified according to their relationship to formal programs, as follows:

  1. Regular status-the student has met satisfactorily all the general requirements of the College or School and the specific requirements of the department in which the program is offered.
  2. Conditional status-the student must fulfill some prerequisite imposed by the school or department before admission to regular status, or the student's preparation cannot yet be determined.
  3. Non-degree status-the student belonging to either of these categories:
    • the student will not be officially enrolled in a graduate program leading toward a degree
    • the student fulfills all the requirements and is taking courses for credit but is not seeking a degree
  4. Transient-a properly qualified student working toward a degree in another institution who has written authorization from the dean of that institution to take specific courses at the University of Dayton for transfer of credit. The transient student must satisfy all registration requirements of the given course that are mandatory for students working for a degree at the University of Dayton.