2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Bachelor's-Plus-Master's Programs

Approved Bachelor’s-Plus-Master’s (BPM) degree programs typically allow qualified students at the University of Dayton to earn both a B.S./B.A and an M.S./M.A./MBA degree in an accelerated fashion, often enabling them to earn a master’s degree with only twelve additional months of study subsequent to completing their baccalaureate degree. This is achieved in part through careful program coordination and, in many cases, by allowing BPM undergraduates to take up to 6 credit hours of graduate coursework to simultaneously satisfy both undergraduate and graduate program requirements. While BPM programs are often referred to as “5-Year” programs, completing both degrees may in some cases require more than five years of study. The total period of study will be influenced by several factors including whether or not a student changes undergraduate majors, participates in a co-op program, drops and re-takes multiple courses or pursues a thesis option master’s degree.

Note that in order to remain in compliance with Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) regulations, at the end of both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees all graduates from University of Dayton Bachelor+Master’s (BPM) programs must have earned a minimum of 150 unique credit hours. It is the responsibility of the graduate program director, with Registrar oversight, to ensure credit hour minimums have been met prior to approving conferral of the graduate degree.

Interested undergraduates are encouraged to consult with their Department Chair or Dean to learn more about BPM programs that may be available to them.

Admission to the BPM Degree Program

Admission to a BPM program will typically occur during the first semester of the junior year. However, a student may be admitted anytime subsequent to completion of 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework and prior to being awarded the baccalaureate degree. Admission to a BPM program requires a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade-point-average (GPA) of 3.00. Continued enrollment in the BPM program requires maintenance of an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 and, when applicable, a graduate GPA of at least 3.00 as well. Individual programs may require additional or more stringent criteria according to their needs (e.g., higher minimum GPA’s, standards for performance within the undergraduate or graduate program, or the completion of specific coursework).

Admission to the Master’s Degree Program

Subsequent to admission to a BPM program, students must also apply for admission to the master’s program through the Office of Admission. This application must be completed prior to enrollment in more than six hours of coursework intended for credit at the graduate level.

Following review of the graduate program application, students who satisfy all standards for continued enrollment in the BPM program and who also meet all additional admission requirements that are normally associated with the intended master’s program (e.g., satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Exam), will be conditionally admitted to the graduate program. While conditional admission does not guarantee ultimate admission to the master’s program, admission on regular status will typically be granted upon conferral of the baccalaureate degree, provided that all requirements for admission to the master’s program have been satisfied.

Transcript Considerations

Joint-degree graduate course hours will be credited to both the undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements. Transcription of graduate only degree credit will, however, be contingent upon matriculation into the graduate degree program. If a conditionally admitted student does not achieve regular admission to the graduate program, any graduate work already completed will be noted on the undergraduate transcript only.

Joint-degree graduate course hours will be shown only on the undergraduate portion of a BPM student’s transcript and are included only in undergraduate quality point-average calculations. As a result, the graduate portion of a BPM student’s transcript will show up to 6 credit hours fewer than would be otherwise shown and the final graduate cumulative quality-point average will be calculated based upon a correspondingly fewer number of graduate credit hours. The following notation will also be included at the beginning of the graduate portion of a BPM student’s transcript:

 "[Specific number] semester hours of graduate program requirements
were satisfied as an undergraduate student."