2021-2022 Academic Catalog

College of Arts and Sciences

Jason L. Pierce, Dean
Jonathan A. Hess, Associate Dean
Donald L. Pair, Associate Dean
Danielle M. Poe, Associate Dean
Cynthia A. Payne, Assistant Dean
Cynthia T. Shafer, Assistant Dean
Kimberly A. Trick, Assistant Dean
Versalle F. Washington, Assistant Dean

The objectives of graduate work in the College of Arts and Sciences coincide with the general aims and philosophy of education that characterize the University of Dayton.

Programs leading to the Master of Arts or the Master of Science are offered in biology, chemistry, communication, English, mathematics, pastoral ministries, psychology and theological studies. The Department of Computer Science offers the Master of Computer Science. The Master of Public Administration is also offered through the Department of Political Science.

The Department of Physics, as part of the Center for Electro-Optics, offers graduate courses in support of the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy in Electro-Optics. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is also offered by the Department of Biology, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Religious Studies.