2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Registration for Courses

The responsibility for being properly registered rests with the student. Registration is required each term or session of all students who enter coursework for credit and of all students who wish to audit courses.

All students must be admitted into a graduate degree, specialist or certificate program before they will be permitted to register for more than six hours of graded graduate course work. Although individuals may enroll for up to six semester hours of graduate credit before being admitted into a specific program of study, the written approval of the proper dean or the designated director is required for admission to any course. Any student who has interrupted the normal sequence of a graduate program is required to apply to the designated advisor or program chair for permission to resume study at least four weeks prior to the first day of the term.

All students should consult the registration information published by the Office of the Registrar for each term well in advance of registration to determine the scheduling of courses. Students enrolling at the off-campus centers should note that although the scheduling of off-campus classes follows the general pattern of the University calendar, they do not necessarily conform to the on-campus academic dates in all details.