2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Residence Life Policy

University Housing Requirement

The University of Dayton has a requirement that each first- and second-year undergraduate domestic, international, conditionally admitted international student and international student enrolled in the Intensive English Program (classified by a student's start term at the University or high school graduation year, not by the number of credit hours) under 21 years of age, unmarried and not living at a parent's or legal guardian's permanent residence within 40 miles of the University is required to live in University housing. Any first- or second-year student requesting to commute should contact Enrollment Management regarding updating their status. 

Each student applying for a University housing must complete an online residential living contract with Housing and Residence Life. The contract covers both the fall and spring terms of the academic year. 

Those students dropping all courses and checking out of housing during the first four weeks of school will be authorized refunds as stated under the cancellation terms of their housing contract.

All students living in University housing are required to observe all University regulations and specific regulations of each facility. Residents will be held responsible for any damages to the residential structure that are due to their own negligence and will be billed for those damages at the time of discovery. Students may share responsibility with other residents of the structure for unidentified common area damages. Damage charges will be billed monthly when applicable. The same conditions shall also hold for any loss or damage to the University grounds, fixtures, furnishings or other property provided by the University for use by the students.

Students may reside in their rooms, suites, apartments or houses without additional charge during Thanksgiving and Easter recesses. All University residences are closed during semester breaks except Plumwood and University Place Apartments.