2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Dining Services

The University of Dayton Dining Services offers a variety of eateries around campus! Enjoy classic breakfast cuisine, gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, entrees & sides, fresh- baked desserts and much more!   

Dining Venues  
  • Au Bon Pain
  • Kennedy Union Crossing ('Que, Spice, Toss)
  • Brown Street Bistro
  • The Emporium Express
  • Marycrest
  • A+ Room (An allergy- friendly space)
  • VWK (Passports & The Grainary)
  • Riverview Cafe'
  • Fly By
  • The Chill
  • Stuart's Landing
  • Art Street Café
  • All of the Flyer Enterprise dining venues:  The Blend, Blend Express, Heritage Coffee House

All locations are a'la carte; there are no all-you-care-to-eat dining facilities. All campus dining facilities are cashless.

Residence Hall Students:

Students residing in a traditional residence hall (Marycrest, Founders, Stuart, Virginia Kettering or Marianist) are required to purchase a meal plan as there is no access to a kitchen for day-to-day use. Students may select the Standard or the Flexible Plan. Meal Plans may be used at all on-campus Dining Services locations (see listing above).

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan is $3,065.00 per semester and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, with set meal plan hours and spending allowances. The plan resets every day and any unused meals are forfeited. 

The Standard Plan includes $200.00 bonus debit dollars that may be used to cover meals exceeding the allowance or to purchase an item when you do not want to use an entire meal. Bonus debit dollars expire at the end of each semester and are not eligible for roll over to the next semester.

Flexible Plan

The Flexible Plan provides complete flexibility in student dining, functioning as a debit account. The Flex Plan allows the student the flexibility to eat whenever they want, as many times a day as they want and all purchases are deducted from their debit account. 

The Flexible Plan costs $3,065.00 per semester with an $850.00 overhead fee, giving the student $2,215.00 to spend for the semester. This fee has been set in place to allow for students to experience state-of-art dining venues on campus as well as afford students the ability to frequent venues all day. 

UD Housing/Apartment or Commuter Students:

Students residing in the University apartment or housing system, or students that commute to campus may elect to purchase a meal plan, but are not required to do so.

Neighborhood PLAN

Students may purchase Debit Dollars that are exclusive to Dining Services locations (see listing above). Students with this plan receive an additional 10% off purchases when checking out at the register. The Neighborhood Plan operates on a declining balance, but unlike the Flexible Plan, funds may be added at any time and are billed to the student's account.

The Neighborhood Plan is also available to students living in a traditional residence hall (Marycrest, Founders, Stuart, Marianist or V.W.K.) to supplement their Standard or Flexible meal plans.

Please visit the Dining Services website for more information!