2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Additional Opportunities

Vocational Rehabilitation

State vocational rehabilitation agencies arrange the training of disabled persons for gainful employment. Requests for information on rehabilitation services should be directed to the State Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

Army ROTC has a number of scholarships available, affording students the opportunity to defray a majority of the costs of attending a prestigious school such as the University of Dayton. High school students compete for three- and four-year scholarships. These scholarships are currently valued at full-tuition, plus University incentive grants. Two- and three-year scholarships may be available once a student is enrolled at the University. Currently, these scholarships will pay tuition. In addition, students receive an allowance of $3,000 to $5,000 each school year the scholarship is in effect.

U.S. Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC)

The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) program is offered in cooperation with Wright State University by the Department of Aerospace Studies. All students who complete the General Military Course (first and sophomore years) may have the opportunity to enroll in the advanced Professional Military Course (junior and senior years), leading to a commission in the United States Air Force upon graduation. There are opportunities throughout the program to compete for scholarships and stipend money. Refer to the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC).

Ohio Safety Officers Memorial Fund
  • NOT based on financial need
  • Available to children of Ohio Peace Officers or Ohio Firefighters killed in the line of duty
  • Apply by contacting the Ohio Department of Higher Education