2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Transferring Credits to the University of Dayton

First-year applicants with transfer credit (CCP, dual credit, dual enrollment) are students who have never enrolled in a degree program at any college or university after graduating high school. See Undergraduate Admission.

Transfer students are students who have attended a college or university fulltime for at least one semester or who have previously been enrolled in a degree program after high school are considered transfer students. See Transfer Students.

Current students – students who are enrolled in a degree program at the University of Dayton.  Also called “matriculated “students.”

The University of Dayton encourages matriculated (current) UD students to take advantage of course and study opportunities available by other institutions that are meaningful to them. In order to retain the purpose and integrity of a UD education, and ensure that students receive credit for appropriate courses taken elsewhere, currently, the University of Dayton requires a completed pre-approval form from the student's assistant dean or advising office.  These forms are available online or in the office of the dean of each UD unit.

In the Fall 2021 semester (October), the University will be implementing an online system called "Transferology." The implementation will be announced on Porches.  

Once implemented, students may consult Transferology to determine courses approved for transfer. It is still in the student's interest to consult with the appropriate dean's office or advising office for applicability of the course to their UD curriculum. Courses not yet reviewed in Transferology will require completion of the pre-approval form.  If the course is not in Transferology and a pre-approval form is not completed, courses are NOT guaranteed to transfer or apply to a student's coursework.

Students are responsible for monitoring their own progress in completing requirements for graduation.  Courses taken without consultation with one's assistant dean or advising office may not transfer for the specific requirement a student intends and may result in non-fulfillment of requirements.