2022-2023 Academic Catalog


Commencement at the University of Dayton is formal recognition of students who are graduating from the University. Consequently, University policy limits participation in commencement to students who have completed all the requirements for their degree.  Undergraduate students, however,  who are short not more than seven credit hours prior to the May commencement may, with the approval of their dean, participate in the May graduation ceremony. Such students must be registered for sufficient hours to complete degree requirements during the subsequent summer terms at UD, or have attained approval to fulfill their remaining requirements at another institution, and must provide official documentation of work completed no later than the official date for submission of grades at the conclusion of UD's second summer session. Any exceptions to this policy are the decision of the dean of the student's academic unit. After all degree requirements are met, the degree will be conferred on the next conferral date as noted on the official university academic calendar.

If the student is declaring candidacy for Graduation, a graduation application must be completed online. If a student is receiving two degrees, two separate graduation applications, one for each degree, must be completed. For further information visit the Graduation website.

Once a degree is posted to a student's record, it cannot be altered in any way.  Majors, minors and concentrations cannot be added to or deleted from the original degree.

After the summer of 2002, students completing their degree requirements during the summer term will receive a diploma and their academic transcript will denote an August graduation date, but they will have to wait until December to participate in a graduation ceremony.