2023-2024 Academic Catalog

English Writing Seminar Placement

There are a range of pathways to placement in the correct writing seminar at the University of Dayton.

All incoming first-year students will take the Directed Self Placement Instrument as part of their completion of course preferences. This instrument tells students the course that is most appropriate for them at the time that they complete the instrument. Most students will take ENG 100 in their first year and ENG 200 in their second year. Students should take the course that the instrument indicates for them; though if they prefer, they may opt for the ENG 100 and 200 sequence unless the instrument indicates ENG 100A. 

For a variety of reasons, some students will be placed in different courses. Those exceptions are indicated below.

  • If a student is in the Core Program, that student will take ASI 110 and ASI 120
  • If a student is a first-year student entering the University in the University Honors Program, that student will take ENG 198
  • If a student has a 3 or 4 on the AP English Exams and is not in the University Honors Program, that student will take ENG 114.
  • If a student has a 5 on the AP English Exams, that student receives full credit for the writing sequence (ENG 100 and ENG 200) and is waived from these courses. 
  • If a student has transferred ENG 100 or the equivalent due to College Credit Plus or other dual enrollment program, that student will take ENG 114

The University of Dayton does not grant writing seminar credit for ACT or SAT scores and does not use these scores for writing seminar placement. 

Students who transfer to the University will be placed into the appropriate course by the appropriate Dean’s office. Transfer students who have taken the equivalent of ENG 100 but not ENG 200, will be placed in ENG 200.