2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Non-Disability Related Course Waiver Policy

Students may make a request to their department or dean to waive certain required courses. In such cases, students may be required to submit proof of prior knowledge in the subject area (diplomas, certificates, portfolios, auditions, transcripts, etc.). At the request of the dean's office or department, students may be asked to complete departmental exams or to submit additional documentation and records of consultation.

Waiving a course does not confer credit. Students replace a required course (the one which has been waived) with another course that carries the same or more number of credit hours and is at an equal or higher course level. Determination of the appropriate course must take place in consultation with the department and dean's office. This policy applies to all waived courses, including those waived by means of placement exams. In addition, this policy does not apply to students with disabilities who require a course substitution due to a disability. Students with disabilities should consult appropriate university policy for course substitution due to disability.

Any exceptions to this policy are made at the discretion of the appropriate dean's office.