2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Military and Veteran Programs and Services (MVPS)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the University of Dayton a top choice for veteran and military affiliated students. Through enhanced access to programs and services, we are committed to linking this diverse community’s leadership and service experiences with learning and scholarship from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels.

Center Description

Military and Veteran Programs and Services (MVPS) exists to serve the UD military and veteran community. This community is made up of those who currently or have previously served in the Armed Forces of the United States and their families. Responsibilities include veteran transition to higher education, support to students who balance their education with ongoing military duty, enrollment and retention, benefits advising, and community outreach. MVPS is the “First Stop Shop” for all UD military and veteran community members. 

Contact Information and Hours

The MVPS Center is located in Zehler Hall 203. Our website is udayton.edu/veterans. We can be reached by email at vetservices@udayton.edu and by phone at 937-229-5541. Our mailing address is: 300 College Park, Dayton OH, 45469-1481. Staff are available from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. eastern. Our Student Success Lounge is collocated with our staff offices, but offers extended morning, evening, and weekend hours for student patron use.

Veteran and Military Education Benefits Requests

Please review the topic of this catalog titled "Veteran and Military Education Benefits" under the "Financial Information" section for more details about how to request financial benefits. That section also includes important information about VA and military education benefit policies, resources, and government contact information. 

Early Registration

Undergraduate students who are Service Members, veterans, ROTC Cadets, and benefits eligible family members may register early for classes. MVPS early registration allows students to register at the very front of the registration window assigned to their academic grade. For example, a Junior with MVPS early registration may register for classes just prior to the opening of the several day long registration window for Juniors (rather than having to wait for what would otherwise be a randomly assigned day and time within that window). Eligible students using VA or DoD benefits will receive early registration access automatically. Veterans and Service Members who are not in receipt of VA or DoD benefits must contact MVPS to request early registration. MVPS shall verify eligibility. Students in their first semester have a guided registration process, and thus early registration will not apply during a Freshman or transfer student's first semester. Early registration is not applicable to graduate programs, as graduate programs generally do not have multiple registration windows.

Students Affected by Call-Up to Active Military Duty Policy

The University of Dayton has established general procedures that will be enacted should students currently serving in any branch of the United States military reserves be called-up to serve our country.  These procedures have been formulated to achieve two goals.  First, to assure students facing possible Call-Up to active duty and involuntary transfer that they have the University’s full cooperation and support during this difficult period.  Further, the procedures facilitate the ability of these students to achieve their educational goals at the University of Dayton.  These procedures provide for a total refund or credit of tuition, fees, room and board payments, and/or where feasible, accommodations to permit students to complete selected course work. The full policy can be viewed at udayton.edu/policies/enrollment/Students%20Affected%20by%20Call-Up%20to%20Active%20Military%20Duty.php. Students must contact the MVPS Director as soon as possible after receiving either verbal or written military orders or a warning of pending orders.