2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Certificate in Ethics and Leadership (EAL)

The Ethics and Leadership Certificate helps students learn to recognize and face ethical challenges in their personal lives, communities, and workplaces with confidence, leading those around them to do the same. In particular, through peer discussions, coursework, experiential and other co-curricular learning, individual mentorship, and a personal capstone project, students will (i) critically reflect upon, refine, and articulate their own personal values, (ii) demonstrate leadership by developing strategies to live out their values when doing so might not be the popular or easy thing to do and learn to be allies to those communities they stand outside of, yet might benefit from their talents most, and (iii) become better informed about and able to recognize and respond to the ethical challenges facing their field of study in preparation for joining the workforce. More information can be found at the Ethics and Leadership Initiative website.

Required Coursework

Choose 1 course from the following:
Foundations of Ethics and Leadership
Ethics and Leadership Internship
Choose 1 course from the following:
Anthropology of Human Rights
Literature & Human Rights
Literature & Ethics
Introduction to Human Rights
Social Philosophy
Philosophy & Human Rights
Ethical Theory
Public Integrity & Political Leadership
Politics of Human Rights
Social Psychology
Faith Traditions: Human Rights
Sustainable Development Goals
Sociology of Human Rights
Feminist Theory and Methodology
Choose 2 courses from the following:
Place, Culture, and Social Justice
Professional Ethics in a Global Community - Philosophical
Professional Ethics in a Global Community – Religious Studies
Media Ethics
Dialogue, Power, and Diversity
School, Self and Society
Perspectives on Education and Social Justice
Engineering Design & Appropriate Technology
Sociotechnical Engineering for the Common Good
Sustainable Energy Analysis and Economics
Social Justice & Dramatic Literature
Literature and the Environment
Health Literacy and Social Justice
Finance for the Common Good
Sport Ethics
Food Justice
Ethics and American Popular Music (Only Available to Music Majors and Minors)
Business Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Medical Ethics
Engineering Ethics
Ethics of War
Information Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Philosophy of Peace
Science, Values & Society
Sexual Ethics
Ethics of Scientific Research
Political Issues
Morality Policy
Nationalism & Ethnopolitics
Gender, Women’s Rights and Global Politics
Power, Gender & Performance
Leadership in Building Communities
Faith & Justice
Christian Theology and Environmental Ethics
Christian Ethics & Health Care Issues
Christian Ethics & the Business World
Christian Ethics and Engineering
Social Inequality
Social Movements
Health and Inequality
Food Justice
Leadership in Building Communities
Health and Inequality
Diversity in Creative & Performing Arts
Applied Theatre
Power, Gender & Performance
History of Art and Activism
Diversity in Creative & Performing Arts
Art and Social Practice
Feminist Social Change
Global South Feminisms
Capstone: Culminating Experience 1
Co-Curricular/Experiential Learning Requirement 2

Capstone must be approved by the program coordinator.


Students are required to engage in at least three co-curricular activities for a total of at least 15 hours. Activities must be approved by the program coordinator.