2023-2024 Academic Catalog


The Pre-Law Program serves undergraduate students from all areas of the University interested in exploring a potential legal career. We serve as a resource to assist students in discerning whether they have a vocation for the law, and then if they determine that is their path, in providing them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for successful preparation for law school and a future legal career. Students interested in legal careers should choose their undergraduate majors to match their individual interests and abilities, but should contact the Pre-Law Program as early as possible so they can receive effective guidance for exploring a potential legal vocation. They may choose to take advantage of the program's many resources, up to and including the Pre-Law Studies minor, a specific interdisciplinary curriculum within the Pre-Law Program for students who are planning to attend law school.

The interdisciplinary Pre-Law Studies minor enhances students' preparation for law school by promoting both the development of skills considered essential by law schools and legal professionals (critical reasoning, writing and analytical skills) and professional behavior skills. The Pre-Law Program, i.e., the Director together with fifteen additional Pre-Law faculty advisers, does this through curriculum guidance for developing the skills set necessary for success in their future legal education and career, incorporated with mentored, meaningful, real-world participatory experiential learning that builds applied professional skills, like our award-winning Mock Trial team and our legal internships program. Throughout the academic year we support students with law school admissions fairs, aid in preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), including simulated tests and prep workshops, and individual assistance in law school application preparation and law school selection. Moreover, we offer a strong sense of community for Pre-Law students with our undergraduate chapter of Phi Alpha Delta and other opportunities for development based on the individual student's talents, interests and goals.

For further information contact the Pre-Law Program in Alumni Hall, Room 117; phone 937-229-4229;  prelaw@udayton.edu.