2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Film Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in film studies (FLM) provides students an opportunity to explore one of the most popular and influential media from the twentieth century to the present. Students study the history, theory, and aesthetics of film and consider film from literary, philosophic, religious, economic, and creative perspectives. The minor complements many of the existing majors in the arts and sciences and enhances the academic preparation of students who are considering graduate school and/or careers in film criticism, screenwriting, or film production.

Students minoring in film studies must complete 13 semester hours including four approved three-credit film courses in various disciplines and a one-credit required capstone course, ASI 350.

Students desiring to minor in film studies should notify their respective deans and the coordinator of film studies.

Film Studies Committee

James Farrelly (English), Coordinator
Griffin (Communication, McCombe (English), Zukowski (Religious Studies).

Minor in Film Studies (FLM)

Film Studies
ASI 350Interdisciplinary Film Study 11
Select four courses from: 212
Classic American Film
Studies in Film
Studies in Literature & Film
Music in Film
Philosophy & Film
Religion & Film
Total Hours13