2023-2024 Academic Catalog

L2 Entrance Requirement

Any student admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences must have had two years of high school study of a language other than English (L2) or make up the deficit at the University. The deficit may be made up by successful completion of one of the following courses or the equivalent:

ARA 141Basic Proficiency in Arabic II4
CHI 141Basic Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese II4
FRN 141Basic Proficiency in French II4
GER 141Basic Proficiency in German II4
ITA 141Basic Proficiency in Italian4
LAT 141Basic Proficiency in Latin II4
RUS 141Basic Proficiency in Russian II4
SPN 141Basic Proficiency in Spanish II4
Proficiency in L2

The College of Arts and Sciences strongly encourages its students to acquire the highest level of L2 proficiency. Students may show proficiency by demonstration of basic practical communicative competence in a language other than English. Proficiency for modern languages includes the following four skills:

  • Speaking: Ability to handle successfully a limited number of interactive, task-oriented, and social situations. Can ask and answer questions, initiate and respond to simple statements, and maintain face-to-face conversation, although with hesitancy and linguistic inaccuracies. Speech is generally understood by native speakers used to interacting with language learners.
  • Writing: Ability to write simple messages and descriptions on familiar topics, to provide biographical information, and to express interests and preferences by recombining learned vocabulary and structures. Some effort may be required from native speakers to understand the written messages.
  • Listening: Comprehension of main idea and some supporting detail in passages of up to 250 words of everyday speech on familiar topics in a context that provides significant support for the message.
  • Reading: Comprehension of main idea and supporting detail in contextualized written passages of up to 600 words in which a generally familiar, everyday topic is discussed.

Students entering the University have the opportunity to demonstrate the defined levels of proficiency by passing a University placement/proficiency examination. Any student who has not achieved proficiency as determined by this examination upon entry can choose from the following options to reach proficiency:

  • course work at the University of Dayton
  • course work elsewhere
  • an individual study program
  • study abroad
  • an immersion experience

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures offers the following possible sequences of language courses:

  • Basic Proficiency
    For students who have never studied the language previously or who demonstrate no functional ability: 101-141 (8 sem. hrs.) in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish.
  • Accelerated sequence
    For students with previous language study or experience who demonstrate some functional ability on the placement/proficiency examination: 131-141 (6 sem. hrs.) available in French, German, Latin and Spanish.
  • Capstone course (201)
    For students with significant language study or experience: (4 sem. hrs.) available in all languages.

Students choosing to complete the Liberal Studies Curriculum using Latin as their language will be required to demonstrate proficiency in reading and translation only.

Students whose first language is not English demonstrate L2 proficiency by satisfying the University Common Academic Program requirements in composition and oral communication. Students whose first language is not English are not permitted to complete courses in their primary language except by permission of the Chair of the Department of Global Languages and Cultures.