2023-2024 Academic Catalog

General Requirements for all Bachelor of Science Programs

A minimum of 120 semester hours of approved coursework must be presented for the B.S. For limitations on credit and restrictions on courses, consult the chairperson or the dean. For departmental or program requirements, consult program schedules or the department chairperson or program director.

Major Concentration (with at least 24 semester hours at 300-400 level).30-60
Breadth Requirement (See Distribution Table below.)44-50
Program Requirements and General Electives: Electives should be approved by the chairperson or dean since some restrictions exist.10-40
Common Academic Program (CAP): These courses may also be counted for other requirements where applicable including Major Concentration, Breadth Requirement, Program Requirements and General Electives43-61
Distribution Table for Breadth Requirements

Courses taken to fulfill the breadth requirement should be external to the major concentration. Students electing courses in any department should be aware that some introductory or background knowledge may be expected of them even when no specific prerequisite course is listed.

Natural Sciences: Selected from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics courses with accompanying laboratories. (Includes 7 hours CAP Natural Science.)8
Mathematics, Computer Science: At least 3 semester hours must be in Mathematics, the course(s) to be determined by placement and major program. (Includes 3 hours of CAP Mathematics and College of Arts and Sciences Mathematics Competency.)6
Social and Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology. Up to 3 of the 6 semester hours of social and behavioral sciences may, with the approval of the chairperson of the major department or the director of the program, be taken in applied social and professional studies: Criminal Justice Studies, Education, Management, Marketing, Military Science, Social Work, and appropriate courses in ASI, AMS, and CMS. (Includes 3 hours CAP Social Science.)6
Humanities: American Studies, English, History, Humanities Studies, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, and, with the approval of the chairperson of the major department or director of the program, appropriate courses in ASI. (The CAP First-Year Humanities Commons, Second-Year Writing, and Oral Communication courses do not fulfill this requirement.) 9
Philosophy and Religious Studies12
College of Arts and Sciences’ Composition and Oral Communication Competencies: Each student should demonstrate competence in composition, and oral communication. This competence may be demonstrated through coursework, or advanced standing. Please refer to the Catalog section: College of Arts and Sciences – Degree Requirements. 3-9