2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Transfer Policies

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes and values the learning and educational experiences that UD students receive outside of the university. These experiences can include coursework completed at another institution, military learning, or credit-by-examination (e.g., AP, CLEP, and IB).

Transferring Credits to UD

A student transferring to UD will first have her transcripts evaluated by the Transfer Credit Office to determine what credits will count toward her graduation credit hour requirements at UD. For more information about the Transfer Credit Office's policies and processes, please consult the following resources:

Once transfer credits have been evaluated and approved for transfer by the Transfer Credit Office, these credits may potentially satisfy other degree requirements. These requirements include the following:

  • CAP requirements
  • College-specific requirements
  • Degree-specific requirements
  • Major- or program-specific requirements

Upon admittance into the College and payment of the enrollment deposit, a transfer student should reach out to the Dean’s Office to discuss the applicability of her transfer credits toward any of the above requirements.

College Stale Credit Policy

This policy on stale credit applies to all undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Any credit from a transcript dated more than ten years prior to the date of receipt of the transcript from the transferring institution will not be eligible for UD transfer credit. College credit that is more than ten years old is referred to as stale credit.

The Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences can make exceptions to the stale credit policy in appropriate circumstances.

Taking Courses Outside UD After Admittance

A student in the College of Arts and Sciences wishing to take courses outside of UD after admittance will need to complete a Transfer Credit Pre-Authorization form to ensure those courses taken elsewhere will count toward the student’s graduation credit hour requirements. The student will also need to speak with her academic advisor about the possible applicability of those transfer credits toward other degree requirements.