2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Tuition and Charges

Description Amount
Tuition Charges:
Masters, Arts & Sciences and Engineering (not Religious Studies) $1,030
MBA, MFin, MPAcc $1,120
PhD Religious Studies $860
PhD Biology and Engineering $1,120
Masters, Religious Studies (Summer 2022 only) $495
Masters, Religious Studies (Fall and Spring) $715
MPA $715
English (Teaching Track Only) $715
Master of Music Therapy $800
Bachelor plus Masters $715
Description Amount
School of Education and Health Sciences:
Masters $715
Education Specialist Program $860
PhD $920
Professional Development Workship $195
Professional Development Workshop - UD Provided instructor $220
Online courses for full-time Catholic Educators and Lalanne Students (Price reflects financial aid assistance available to full-time Catholic Educators equal to 1/2 the cost of tuition. Catholic Educators must submit documentation to the Education Dept. to determine eligibility) $360
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)- Includes tuition, lab professional and clinical charges $12,665
Physician Assistant *Link Below for Detailed Cost Information
Description Amount
2021-22 Online (2U) Graduate Programs:
MBA - Masters in Business Administration $1,430
MBAN - Masters in Business Analytics $1,430
MSE,PL - Masters of Education - Principal $1,140
EdD - Doctor of Education $1,425
ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis $1,375
Description Amount
Miscellanous Graduate Charges:
University Charge (per semester) $25
Auditing of Courses (per hour) 1/2 Regular Tuition Rate
Credit by Examination- EM Credit (per hour) $35
Late Registration Charge- $25 per week $75 Max
Graduation Charge $90

*Physician Assistant 2022-23 Cost Information by Cohort Group

Students with sponsors paying a portion of their tuition must pay the balance plus any additional charges.

An assessment of $35 or 1% of the check amount (whichever is greater) will be made for payment of tuition by a returned check.  Cancellation of the student's registration may result until proper payment is made.

Subject to change. The University reserves the right to make changes to tuition and charges for any or all graduate courses at any time.  Current information should be obtained from the Office of Student Accounts, course composites, by contacting the department in which the course is offered or the Registrar's Office.