2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Cancellations and Refunds

If registration is cancelled before the first day of classes, full tuition refunds will be made with the exception of the admission deposit. 

Cancellations will be allowed only after the completion of proper drop/add procedures. Students who do not attend classes and do not officially complete withdrawal procedures during the cancellation period will be responsible for the full amount of the applicable tuition and charges. Detailed tuition refund schedules, calculation information and examples are available at our Refunds for Withdrawal webpage. Financial adjustments for tuition are based on the date the drop (withdrawal) form is finalized in registration.

There is a four-week cancellation period for the full fall, spring and summer terms. (The 1st week starts on the first day of a term; the 2nd week begins 7 days later, etc.)

Each six-week session of the split summer term will have a two-week cancellation period.

Classes that meet in a part of term within a major term (fall, spring, summer) will have different refund deadlines.  This includes, but is not limited to, IEP, Law and online programs.

Financial adjustments for housing (please refer to your housing contract) are based on the date of checkout from housing, if applicable. Detailed housing cancellation information can be found at the Housing and Residence Life website.

Special rules may apply for students who withdraw and who received Title IV funds. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if additional information is needed.

All tuition refund requests and appeals must be in writing and directed to Beth Gloekler, Director of Student Accounts.

Students suspended/dismissed from the University or from University residence facilities as a result of disciplinary action are not eligible for any refund of tuition, room or board charges under the University's Cancellation and Refund policy. Exceptions to this position will be made to comply with refund requirements of federal financial aid programs.