2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Human Sexuality Studies (HSX)

The Human Sexuality Studies Certificate blends course work with co-curricular learning opportunities, focusing on guiding students in the application of their course knowledge in productive ways.  Human sexuality influences human experience at all levels, including intrapersonally, interpersonally, and culturally.  Its reflection in social norms, attitudes and beliefs, public and private policies and practices, religious values, and the media present daily opportunities to critically reflect on one’s own identities, behaviors, and opinions.  This certificate program allows students the opportunity to think critically about these issues and analyze how messages and social norms about sexuality influence their lives daily.  The Human Sexuality Studies Certificate will require both course credit and co-curricular leadership experiences.

Select two courses from:
Sexual Ethics
Human Sexuality
Sociology of Sexualities
Select one course from:
Studies in Literature
LGBTQ History: Comparative European and USA
Marriages & Families
Co-curricular Experience
Select three experiences from:
Does Anyone Date Anymore?
Being Together: A Workshop in Sexual Ethics
Peers Advocating for Violence Education (PAVE)
Q*mmunity Leaders
Green Dot Training and Project
Special Interest House (related to sexuality)
Internship 1
Ally Training and Project

Students interested in declaring this Certificate should contact Kristen Keen in Student Development at 937-229-1217 or kkeen1@udayton.edu.