2019-2020 Academic Catalog

Certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation (ACR)

The undergraduate certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation introduces students to the creative competencies that today’s job market demands, while applying those same skills to the students’ diverse disciplines of study with special focus on developing a personal mission, or purpose-based learning design, that is additive to their academic pursuits. Through the introduction of creative theory, critical perspective and innovative immersions within collaborative problem-solving, the student’s perception of what is and what can be in their field of study and the world they live in will broaden in creative, critical and innovative ways.

Certificate in Applied Creativity for Transformation
SSC 200Social Science Integrated3
EGR 103Engineering Innovation2-3
or EGR 105 Engineering Innovative Design for non-engineering majors
UDI 371ACT I: Creative Confidence Through Critical Perspective1
UDI 372ACT II: Innovative Practice Through Creative Confidence1
UDI 471Act III: Creative Design (Research and Design)1
UDI 472Act IV: Creative Application (Innovate and Implement)1
Mission-Based CAP elective3
Total Hours12-13