Experiential Education Programs (EXP)

Experiential Learning is an optional part-time or full-time internship work experience, either paid or unpaid, in industry, business or government directly related to a student's major or career path. Among the expected benefits to the student are on-the-job experience, career exploration or identification, financial assistance and professional development. The work terms can be part-time during semesters while attending classes and/or full-time during semesters not taking classes. Students may begin an Experiential Learning internship work experience as early as the summer after their first year of study.  Jobs may be found with the assistance of Career Services through Hire a Flyer, an academic department or a student may find a position on their own.  Experiential Learning is open to all students. Students may start the application process by making an appointment with a career services professional prior to beginning work. Further information may be obtained by contacting Career Services, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH 45469-2711; phone (937) 229-2045; website.