Experiential Education Programs (EXP)

Experiential Learning is reflected in a number of opportunities at UD, including: co-ops and internships, education abroad, community-engaged learning, undergraduate and graduate research, creative projects, practicums, laboratory and field-based work.  Students involved in specific programs may be required to register for Experiential Learning courses, while others are voluntary. In the case of voluntary course registration, the benefits include transcripting the experiential learning opportunity, and completing projects that will facilitate reflection of the experience and enhance professional and personal development. Currently courses exist for cooperative education, internships, Honors Programs, undergraduate/graduate research, community-engaged learning, and education abroad. All courses require instructor permissions to register. For additional information on experiential learning contacts and next steps contact the Office of Experiential Learning at kvelasquez1@udayton.edu or (937) 229-3906, udayton.edu/el.