2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Transient Students

Transient student refers to a currently enrolled University of Dayton student that has requested prior approval to complete coursework at a different institution. All transient coursework completed by current UD students for UD credit must be approved in writing by the dean's office prior to registration for the course. At a minimum, the approval process will include a review of the institution, course descriptions and course syllabus. A vita of the professor and/or a copy of the textbook used in the course may also need to be reviewed. Consideration for credit will only be given to transient courses with a grade of C- or better.

Additional transient credit criteria may apply depending on the academic unit that the transient student belongs to.

  • College of Arts and Sciences does not award transient credit hours for courses that aren’t equivalent to those offered at the University of Dayton. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences limits transient credit hours counting toward the major to 12.
  • School of Business Administration (SBA) requires that for a transient student to receive credit for courses that are required in the business core or within a given SBA major, the course(s) in question must be successfully completed either at a university with AACSB, Equis, or AMBA accreditation, or at a university with an international reputation as a leader in higher education, such as an Ivy League school. To receive transient credit from another university for elective coursework required by a given SBA major, the student must obtain permission of the appropriate Department Chair prior to enrolling for such coursework.  

No credit will be granted when a student fails to receive prior written approval from the dean's office or fails to provide official transcripts sent to UD directly from the approved university.