English Composition Placement

The English composition requirement at UD consists of ENG 100 Writing Seminar I and ENG 200 Writing Seminar II. All incoming first-year students are placed in ENG 100 unless:

  • they are designated as Honors - placed in ENG 200H*;
  • they receive EM credit for ENG 100 - placed in ENG 200 . For an AP score of 5 they receive EM credit for ENG 100 and ENG 200;
  • they have an SAT (VB) score of 750 or above or ACT (EN) of 35 or above - exempt from taking English composition;
  • they have an SAT(VB) score below 450 or ACT (EN) below 17 - placed in ENG 100A and ENG 100B;
  • they are in the CORE program (ASI 120 counts as ENG 200H).

*Students admitted to the University Honors program and students with sufficiently high verbal scores on the SAT and ACT are placed in ENG 200H. ENG 200H is a one-semester course which satisfies the University's Common Academic Program requirement in composition. Students who are placed in ENG 200H do not receive credit for ENG 100 but are free to take elective course work in place of the waived First-Year Humanities Commons composition.