2020-2021 Academic Catalog

English Composition Placement

The English composition requirement at UD consists of ENG 100 Writing Seminar I and ENG 200 Writing Seminar II. All incoming first-year students are placed in ENG 100 unless:

  • they are designated as Honors - placed in ENG 114 and ENG 198;
  • they receive EM credit for ENG 100 - placed in ENG 200. For an AP score of 5 they receive EM credit for ENG 100 and ENG 200;
  • they have an SAT (VB) score of 750 or above or ACT (EN) of 35 or above - exempt from taking English composition;
  • they have an SAT(VB) score below 450 or ACT (EN) below 17 - placed in ENG 100A and ENG 100B;
  • they are in the CORE program.