2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Change of Major

Any undergraduate student having completed one academic semester in good standing at the University of Dayton may initiate a request to change majors.

A current student who is already in the School of Business Administration (SBA) wanting to change from one major to another will fill out a Change of Major form and submit it to the John D. Mittelstaedt Center for Advising and Business Student Success located in Miriam Hall, room 053.

Students who are not currently in the School of Business Administration (SBA), but are interested in transferring into the SBA must meet the requirements in Option A or Option B.

Option A: High School Academic Performance
Those students who would have been directly admitted to the School of Business Administration from high school, but chose a non-business major may request to enter the School of Business Administration and change to or add a business major. If you elect to pursue Option A, your high school transcript will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on our requirements for direct admittance.

Option B: University of Dayton Academic Performance 
If you do not meet the criteria in Option A, you may also pursue entering the School of Business Administration based on your academic performance at UD:
• Cumulative GPA of 3.0
• Completion of one of the following math courses at UD and demonstration of relevant math knowledge by meeting or exceeding established minimum grade thresholds. Math courses taken at another college or university and/or AP math will not be considered. We do not recommend students take MTH 207 as it does not adequately prepare students for Business Statistics courses.

Math Course                                           Minimum Grade
MTH 116 Precalculus                                C+ or higher
MTH 128 Finite Math                                C+ or higher
MTH 129 Business Calculus                      C or higher
MTH 148 Introductory Calculus I               C or higher
MTH 168 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I    C- or higher
MTH 207 Introduction to Statistics            B- or higher