2021-2022 Academic Catalog


Business Wisdom through International, Service and Experiential Education (BWISE)

To provide students in the School of Business Administration with the necessary skills for success upon graduation, all students will be required to complete two of the following three educational components, critical for success in both the global business environment and as contributing citizens of their communities:

 International Options

  1. Study Abroad
  2. International Internship
  3. Two internationally focused courses such as:
  • ECO 461
  • FIN 450
  • INB 302
  • INB elective
  • MGT 403
  • MKT 440
  • Language

 Service and Civic Engagement

  1. Participation in a campus Service and Social Action Club
  2. Participation in a civic engagement/service learning ongoing program (in the greater Dayton area)
  3. Participation in Flyer Consulting
  4. Participation in Davis Center High School stock competition
  5. On-going service through your Fraternity/Sorority or Athletic Team
  6. Social Justice ILLC​

*See "Service Opportunities" Tab in Isidore for more information


  1. Significant employment in a student’s field of study
  2. EXP 101 or Co-op through Career Services
  3.  High level position in a student run business focused organization such as: Flyer Enterprises, Davis Center, Sales Center, or Hanley Center
  4. Approved student proposal that incorporates significant experiential activity
  5. Other approved equivalent activity