2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Global and Intercultural Learning Programs

Students in the School of Business Administration (SBA) may participate in the University of Dayton Global and Intercultural Affairs Programs, which include Summer and Winter Courses, Semester-long Programs, Integrated Learning, Cross-Cultural Experiences, virtual exchange, and internships.  Details on these programs can be found at this link and brief descriptions are provided below.  Students may also study abroad at universities that are not affiliated with the University of Dayton as long as they receive prior written approval from the UD Global and Intercultural Affairs Center (GIA Center)  and their academic advisor.

Summer and Winter Break Courses

Travel with UD faculty and students during winter or summer break. Because students can earn credits towards their degree, by participating in these programs students may be able to graduate early, add a minor or second major or have time to participate in a semester-long internship. Participants will complete work equivalent to that of courses taken on campus, with the added requirement of applying their studies to the site they are visiting.

Accepted students are required to participate in a comprehensive orientation and preparation class in which features about their destination country are studied along with University safety and security procedures and other pre-departure details. 

Semester Exchange Programs

These programs take place during the fall or spring semester, and students enroll at a university abroad for the entire semester or the full academic year. Courses are typically taught in English, although some partners have foreign language requirements.  To ensure courses taken during a semester exchange transfer to UD, students must seek approval by advisors in the Office of Global & Intercultural Learning as well as their SBA advisor before undertaking an exchange. 

Integrated Learning Programs

Take a fall or spring semester course at UD. Travel abroad during break with your professor and classmates to apply what you've been learning.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

Through these programs, engage in cross-cultural learning and reflection during your winter, spring, or summer break.


Students may engage in an international internship through a variety of ways. Some faculty-led summer programs offer a part-time internship as part of the program, UD sometimes offers a stand-alone international internship, and students can seek internships through third-party providers. Most international internships are unpaid.

Planning for Global and Intercultural Learning Experiences

Students should ideally begin planning during their first year for participation in a program through the Global and Intercultural Learning Center, determining which courses are normally offered and then holding those courses for their  experience and completing any necessary prerequisites prior to the program.  If pre-approved by SBA advisors, the global and intercultural learning courses taken will then count for the student's degree program, keeping the student on track to graduate on time or even ahead of schedule.

For more information please contact:

Global and Intercultural Affairs Center

Alumni Hall – Room 211

tel: 937-229-3728

email: gia@udayton.edu