2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Transfer Credits

Prospective, transfer, and current students may apply for transfer credit for up 24 credit hours of business courses that are required by the School of Business Administration (SBA) undergraduate business core. Students may only exceed 24 credit hours of core transfer credits through an official articulation agreement (e.g., Sinclair Academy). Applying transfer credit for major courses for prospective, current, and transfer students is rare and limited to 6 credit hours, but is possible with the approval of the Academic Advisor and the relevant Department Chair or designated representative (Department Representative).

Prior to taking a course at another institution to fulfill an SBA core or major requirement, current students must obtain documented pre-approval from the Academic Advisor and the relevant Department Representative to receive transfer credit for any SBA core or major course; approval for current students will be granted in rare and unique circumstances. The presumption is that current SBA students will take all SBA core and major courses at the University of Dayton.

The grade earned in a course taken at another institution must be assessed as equivalent to a C- or higher (“satisfactory”) in order for the relevant SBA course to be replaced by this transfer credit. When applicable, the specific course grade awarded by the other institution will be used to determine if the student has the appropriate foundation to proceed to more advanced courses that require the SBA core course as a prerequisite.

The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs must approve any exceptions to this transfer policy and such exceptions will only be granted within current AACSB guidelines. This policy is subject to guidance in the University of Dayton transfer policy. For all non-business courses, SBA students must adhere to the relevant University or academic unit transfer policy.