2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Department of MIS, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics (MOA)

Mark Jacobs, Department Chairperson

Master of Business Analytics

The Master of Business Analytics is offered by the Department of MIS, Operations Management, and Decision Sciences. Business analytics deals with data-driven or evidence-based decision making in any business or non-profit organization. This program addresses an expanding need in many organizations for professionals trained in business data analytics with competencies in both (i) designing/managing data acquisition, storage, and display technologies and (ii) performing modeling and analysis yielding insights that lead to high levels of organizational effectiveness. The program focuses on the entire problem solving process and on applied analytics skills for real world organizational issues and problems. 

The program is open to students with a variety of undergraduate majors and experiences who have some quantitative aptitude and interests. Different elective tracks are offered depending on students’ prior business education and/or experience. The program culminates with a capstone consulting project, which is a final, integrating experience to develop and enhance student capabilities in applying knowledge and skills to the real practice of business analytics.  The program is offered online as well as on campus in a face-to-face format

Data Management
MBA 663ABusiness Analytics - Processes and Techniques1.5
MIS 664AData Management for Analytics3
MIS 667AAdvanced Business Intelligence3
MIS 668ASpecial Topics in Data Analytics3
Analysis Methodologies
BAN 614Introduction to Machine Learning3
BAN 618Advanced Business Analytics3
MBA 611Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions1.5
MBA 615BCase Studies in Analytics1.5
MBA 791Business Analytics1.5
Tools/Applications of Analytics
MIS 661AProblem Solving Methods and Tools3
BAN 710Capstone Project in Analytics3
Electives 16
Total Hours33

 Certificate in Business Analytics

The Certificate in Business Analytics will prepare students in developing skills in quantitative methods which support managerial decision making.

MBA 511Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions1.5
MBA 791Business Analytics (prerequisite: MBA 511)1.5
MBA 663ABusiness Analytics - Processes and Techniques (prerequisite MBA 791)1.5
MBA 615BCase Studies in Analytics (prerequisite MBA 791)1.5
MBA 667AAdvanced Business Intelligence (prerequisites MBA 511, MBA 560, or some SQL query language)3
Total Hours 19

Certificate in Business Intelligence (BIN)

The Certificate in Business Intelligence (BIN) is intended for students interested in the organizational architecture for building information systems in support of decision making. Individuals with BI qualifications are in high demand for positions in large organizations such as dunnhumby (BI provider to Kroger and Home Depot among others), 5/3 Bank, GE Appliances, Teradata, Sogeti, and Reinsurance Group of America.

MBA 664Database Management3
MBA 667AAdvanced Business Intelligence3
MBA 667BData Warehousing3
Total Hours 19

Certificate in Business Systems Analysis and Design (BAD)

The Certificate in Business Systems Analysis and Design provides career-switching preparation for individuals interested in systems analysis and design but do not have the required undergraduate coursework. It also provides preparation for individuals whose expertise is in other areas (e.g. marketing, finance, accounting, health care, manufacturing, etc.) to become knowledgeable contributors to teams that are responsible for developing information systems to support their primary area of expertise.

MBA 664Database Management3
MBA 665System Analysis & Design3
MBA 616Project Management for Professionals3
or MBA 668 Advanced Website Development
Total Hours 19

Certificate in Cyber-Security Management (CSM)

The focus of the CSM coursework is on both management and technical aspects needed to secure computer information systems and networks. It also focuses on aspects of information warfare that may be relevant to Department of Defense and other government entities. The skill sets acquired in the program are also useful in private industry (in particular for those who work in defense and government-related industries as well as banks and credit unions).

MBA 662ASecurity Management for Informational Systems3
MBA 662BTelecommunications and Networking3
MBA 662CInternet Security3
Total Hours 19

Certificate in Project Management (PJM)

The Certificate in Project Management will prepare students to be effective contributors and leaders in today’s contemporary business world. Project-oriented work makes up the bulk of managerial activity in today’s organizations with multi-dimensional and increasingly complex projects being the norm. This certificate program will be of value to students and employees of all business functions as project improvement initiatives are prevalent in all business disciplines (finance, accounting, marketing, operations, MIS, etc.).       

MBA 616Project Management for Professionals3
MBA 695Individual Research (Project Management Experiential Application)3
MBA 617Business Process Improvements3
or MBA 665 System Analysis & Design
Total Hours 19