2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six semester hours of appropriate graduate credit earned at another accredited graduate school may be applied toward the post-foundation requirements of SBA graduate programs at the University of Dayton. This transfer credit may be applied if the student graduates from a UD graduate program within a maximum of five years from the date such courses were completed.

In some cases, the credit will have been completed at another university prior to matriculation in the relevant SBA graduate program. To transfer this credit, a letter of request must be initiated by the student and sent with course descriptions to the relevant SBA graduate program. Official transcripts must accompany the letter. The request should be initiated during the first term of enrollment. If approved, the credit will be transferred upon completion of nine semester hours of SBA graduate coursework and if the student is in good academic standing.

In other cases, a student, having started his/her SBA graduate program, will seek to transfer credit from another university to satisfy academic requirements. In these cases, the student must obtain approval for transfer credit for the course(s) prior to enrollment. The catalog descriptions or syllabus of the intended course(s) should be submitted to the appropriate graduate program office. Consultation with an advisor is also required. After course approval and completion, official transcripts are required. Transfer credit coursework must be of "B" quality or better. Quality points are not transferrable.