University of Dayton
Academic Catalog 2013-14

Business Interdisciplinary Studies (BAI)

  Minor in Business Administration (BUS)

Interdisciplinary studies in business are represented by individual courses that are interdisciplinary, such as BAI 150, BAI 151 and BAI 103L, and by the interdisciplinary minor in Business Administration that is offered for students who are not in the School of Business Administration.

BAI 150, BAI 151, and BAI 103L are all required courses for first year students in the School of Business Administration and are part of the business core curriculum.

The minor in Business Administration is a valuable program for non-business majors who intend to pursue careers in business or want to prepare for an MBA program.

The minor in Business Administration is available to non-business majors only.  The course requirements are:

ACC 200Intro to Accounting3
or ACC 207
  & ACC 208
Intro-Financial Acc
   and Intro-Managerial Acc
ECO 203Prin of Microecon3
Select four courses from:12
Intro to Financial Mgt
Legal Envirnmt-Bus
Organiztnl Behavior
Survey of Mgt Info Sys
Survey of MKT
Intro-Oper&Supply Mgt
Total Hours18


BAI 103L. Business Computing Laboratory. 1 Hour

Introduction to business software skills including spreadsheets, relational databases, and integration of computer applications. Overview of UD computer ethics policies.

BAI 150. Business Educational Planning. 1 Hour

Introduction to the School of Business Administration, the University, and educational planning.

BAI 151. Business Integration Experience. 1 Hour

Integrated introduction to major business processes and decision making.

BAI 294. Special Topics in the School of Business Administration. 3 Hours

Special Topics in the School of Business Administration.

BAI 400. Dean's Leadership Laboratory. 0-3 Hours

Leadership experience under the supervision of the Dean's office. Permission of Dean's office.

BAI 497. Laboratory Work Experience. 1-6 Hours

Under faculty sponsorship and in association with a participating industrial, commercial, educational, health-care, or governmental organization; practical experience in work associated with the student's major or minor concentration. (See internship coordinator for details.) Does not count toward major. Prerequisite(s): Permission of dean.