Room and Board, per term, Terms I and II August 2016 through May 2017

Choices for First-Year Students

Description Amount
Founders Hall $3800.00
Marianist Complex $3800.00
Marycrest Complex $3800.00
Stuart Complex $3800.00
Single Rooms in these residence halls $4450.00

Choices for Sophomore Students

Description Amount
Irving Commons Apartments $3800.00
Virginia W. Kettering Suite Complex $3800.00
Campus South Apartments $3800.00
East Stewart Garden Apartments $3800.00
South Quad Garden Apartments $3800.00
819 Irving Avenue Apartments $3800.00

Choices for Junior/Senior Students

Description Amount
Lawnview Apartments $4450.00
ArtStreet Apartments $4450.00
Caldwell Apartments $4450.00
1132 Irving Avenue Apartments $4450.00
1806 Brown Street Apartments $4450.00
Traditional Houses in the Student Neighborhoods $4450.00
New/Renovated/Sorority Houses in the Student Neighborhoods $4635.00

Choices for Graduate/Law School Students

Description Amount
Plumwood Studio Apartments $4450.00
Plumwood Single Apartments $4635.00
University Place Studio/Double Apartments $4750.00
University Place Single Apartments $5100.00