Dining Services

The University of Dayton Dining Services operates a variety of fine eateries! Included are two full-service a la carte student dining facilities, located in Kennedy Union and Marycrest Complex as well as two restaurants, Passports and The Grainary, located in the Virginia Kettering Residence Hall. Au Bon Pain, located on the first floor of Kennedy Union, serves gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts, along with fresh bakery items. The Brown St. Bistro, located in Fitz Hall, offers made to order sandwiches and salads, The Emporium, a mini grocery store with a full service deli, is located in the Marianist Residence Hall and Stuart's Landing, a convenience store, is located in Stuart Hall Complex. Dining Services also operates The Galley, a pretzel/ice cream/gourmet coffee shop located in Kennedy Union, and The Chill, a juice bar with healthy snack options located in the RecPlex. Rudy on the Run, Dining Services' food truck, serves a variety of specialty items and is located in Humanities Plaza, near Kennedy Union. All meal plans are accepted at each location.

Any student living in a residence hall (Marycrest, Stuart, Founders, Marianist, Virginia Kettering) is required to purchase a traditional meal plan as there is no access to a kitchen.

Traditional Meal Plans:

  • Standard Plan – The Standard Plan provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, with set meal plan hours and spending allowances. The plan resets every day and any unused meals are lost. This plan also includes $100 bonus dollars that can be used to cover meals exceeding the allowance or to purchase an item when you do not want to use the entire meal. Bonus dollars expire at the end of each semester and do not roll over to the next semester.

    Breakfast - 7am to 10:55am ($5.50 allowance)

    Lunch - 11am to 4:55pm  ($8.00 allowance)

    Dinner - 5pm to Closing    ($8.25 allowance)

  • Flexible Plan - The Flex Plan operates on a declining balance. There are no meal times or allowances tied to this plan and allows the student to eat whenever they want, as many times a day they want and all of the purchases are deducted from the flexible debit account. Any remaining funds at the end of the Fall term roll over to the Spring term to be used in addition to the Spring term meal plan. At the end of the Spring term, only half of the remaining funds, up to a maximum of $300.00 will roll over to the next school year.

Meal Plan Cost and Participation Charge:

The total cost per semester for the Flexible and Standard Meal Plans is $2640.00 for the 2017- 2018 academic year. Please be aware that for each meal plan, there is an $800 plan participation charge. This money is applied to Dining services' operational costs to help cover utilities, labor and equipment/ repair purchases to support operating multiple dining venues in convenient locations as well as any maintenance and remodeling of those venues. 

The Flex Plan provides $1840.00 for the student to spend for the semester after deduction of the plan participation fee. This is the same amount earned ($800) per semester on the Standard Plan as students do not use meals or do not spend the full allowance. The only difference is that the participation fee is paid upfront with the Flex Plan.

Neighborhood Meal Plan:

Students living in the UD housing or apartment system are not required to purchase a traditional meal plan at a fixed cost, but may choose to purchase a Neighborhood Plan which operates much like the Flex Plan, on a declining balance. The Neighborhood Plan allows the student to control the amount of money put on the account. Money can be added by calling Dining Services, or visiting the website.

Please visit our website for more information!