2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Other Interdisciplinary Programs

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration Program

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration Program

MBA Program

The University of Dayton offers a unique dual degree program for students interested in both law and business. The joint JD/MBA program allows the student to apply six hours of approved elective credit earned in the MBA Program to the Law Program and six hours of approved elective credit earned in the Law Program to the MBA Program. The dual program results in the elimination of a total of 12 semester hours that are normally required if the degrees were pursued individually, thus fulfilling both degrees at a much faster pace. Students may begin either program first, but the first year Law student is required to take Law courses exclusively during the first two semesters of Law studies.

Students applying for admission to the joint degree program must meet the admission requirements of both the Law School and the MBA Program. Applications for admission should be submitted to each school, along with other records and data required by each school. The applicant should indicate on each application that application is for the JD/MBA program. Applicants should contact the Directors of both programs for information and admission applications. Upon admission to both programs, the student will be enrolled in the JD and MBA programs simultaneously. 

Upon admission to the joint degree program, the student will be assigned an advisor from both the Law School and the MBA Program. Each student is required to meet with the respective program advisors to plan his/her program.  Continuous liaison must be maintained throughout the joint degree program.

Communication (CAI) Interdisciplinary Program

Alan Abitbol, Director of Graduate Studies

The Communication interdisciplinary study program leads to the Master of Arts. It requires 24 semester hours of study in communication, and 12 semester hours of study in one of several designated interdisciplinary areas. The designated areas are psychology, English, business and political science. Upon completion of the coursework, students must pass a written and oral comprehensive exam. Visit the Academic Information section of this website for program details.

Electro-Optics (EOP)

Joseph W. Haus, Program Director

The programs of study for the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Electro-Optics are administered by the School of Engineering with the cooperative support of the College of Arts and Sciences. This interdisciplinary activity is coordinated by the Electro-Optics Program with active participation of the Electrical Engineering and Physics departments and the University of Dayton Research Institute. State-of-the-art graduate electro-optics courses have been designed to prepare electrical engineers and physicists for careers in the emerging electro-optics field. Facilities at the University include 25 laboratories used for electro-optics research. There is also close research cooperation with the Air Force Research Laboratory. Visit the Academic Information section of this website for program details.

Teacher Education (EDT) Interdisciplinary Program

Connie Bowman, Chair, Department of Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education in the School of Education and Health Sciences offers an opportunity for students to develop an individually designed program that includes coursework in education as well as a discipline or field outside of education. Students develop a plan through a selection of offerings in teacher education and other departments.
For more information on any of these programs, consult with the program director or chair of the department.