2019-2020 Academic Catalog

The ETHOS Center

Engineers in Technical, Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning

The ETHOS Center is founded on the belief that engineers are more apt and capable of serving our world appropriately when they have experienced opportunities that increase their understanding of technology's global linkage with values, culture, society, politics, human rights, and economics. ETHOS seeks to provide these opportunities through international and domestic service internships as well as through collaborative research and hands-on classroom projects that support the development of appropriate technologies for the developing world.

Such experiences expose students to alternative nontraditional technologies that are based on fundamental science and engineering principles and at the same time provide tangible and immediate impacts improving the lives of those who use them. ETHOS maintains as its educational objective to challenge students to think creatively and independently, to work as a team and communicate effectively, and to address issues of appropriate technology, environmental ethics, social responsibility, and social and economic justice.