The University Libraries are comprised of:

  • Roesch Library
  • The Marian Library
  • The University Archives and Special Collections
  • The International Marian Research Institute

Roesch Library houses books, journals, videos, DVDs, CDs, government documents and microforms for both graduate and undergraduate students. Roesch Library is open 114 hours a week throughout much of the academic year and 24 hours per day during finals. Reference assistance is provided in a variety of forms including in person, email, IM, telephone and private consultations. Roesch Library subscribes to over 280 databases on a variety of subjects and provides access to more than 69,000 journals in print and electronic formats. Its book (print and electronic) and microform collections include over 1.4 million volumes.

The Libraries also provide comfortable study areas, photocopiers, and individual and group study rooms. Roesch Library has 20 computer workstations located on the first floor and 37 computer workstations located on the second floor. All workstations provide access to the campus network, OhioLINK resources and the internet. These computers run Microsoft Office applications, SPSS, and audio and video editing software. Group Project Space, also located on the second floor, has ten workstations equipped with double monitors that allow for group collaboration. All floors have data ports and wireless network access that allow students to access campus and information networks through notebook computers.

The Libraries are members of OhioLINK, a cooperative venture of university and college libraries and the Ohio Board of Regents. OhioLINK partners have created a common information network providing rapid access to and delivery of over 49 million items available at college and university libraries across the state. All of the libraries affiliated with OhioLINK provide on-site borrowing privileges to students and faculty associated with the University. Access to the Libraries' Web page, databases and online catalog.

The Marian Library, located on the seventh floor of Roesch Library, is recognized as the world's largest collection of published materials on the Virgin Mary. Its comprehensive collection embraces the works treating the Virgin Mary as found in Scripture, tradition, doctrine, history, art, popular culture, spirituality and devotion. The multi-language collection includes over 95,000 books (6,000 printed before 1800), 200 periodicals, a clipping file of over 60,000 items, a Marian stamp collection, a Christmas crèche collection, statues, medals, postcards and works of art.

Publications include:

  • Marian Studies - papers given at the annual meeting of the Mariological Society of America
  • Marian Library Studies - original research on Marian topics
  • The twice-yearly Marian Library Newsletter

The Marian Library's collections can be accessed via the University Libraries' online catalog. Hours, an explanatory video and information on current art exhibits can be found on the Mary Page.

The Zimmerman Law Library is located in Joseph E. Keller Hall. Its collection contains over 190,000 volumes and over 676,000 physical units of microforms. The open-stack arrangement of the Law Library permits easy access to all materials. For additional information visit our webpage.

The Brother Louis J. Faerber, S.M., Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) houses the School of Education and Health Sciences' (SOEHS) specialized education collections and is located in Fitz Hall. Its collection includes:

  • CDs
  • Charts
  • Children and young adult literature
  • DVDs
  • Elementary and secondary textbooks
  • Material kits
  • Professional education books and journals
  • Standardized assessments
  • Teaching aids - games and manipulatives
  • Other resources

The CMC also houses research projects, theses and dissertations completed for the SOEHS's respective graduate programs. A copier, four networked computer workstations, the Ellison Press, Accu-Cut Machine and an assortment of letter and shape dies are available for student use.