2021-2022 Academic Catalog

The ETHOS Center

The ETHOS Center connects the passion and technical knowledge and skills of engineering students, faculty, staff, and alumni with our community partner’s needs, assets, and aspirations.  Through collaboration with our community partners, we provide transformative sociotechnical experiences and transdisciplinary curricula that integrates human rights and social justice frameworks. Faculty, staff and students engage in applied research projects to design and develop just and sustainable technologies through international, domestic and local immersions as well as hands-on classroom projects that advance engineering for the common good.

Through these experiential learning opportunities, students gain experience with collaboratively designing and developing technologies that provide tangible, just, and sustainable impacts for community wellbeing and human rights. ETHOS maintains as its educational objectives to challenge students to be culturally responsive, think and act comprehensively about the impact of engineering on human and Earth systems and vice versa, design creatively and interdependently, communicate effectively with diverse others, and develop an ethic of care and social responsibility as they explore their engineering vocation.

Students earn academic credit through ETHOS Center experiences by taking EGR 331 as part of their Dayton or Domestic Immersion or as part of our summer applied research program, taking EGR 330 in preparation for their international immersion, and/or taking EGR 333, which is a COIL and project-based version of EGR 330 (without the traveling/immersive component).  Students engaging part-time with ETHOS center projects (part-time interns) can earn experiential learning credit by taking EXP 212 as they intern.  EXP 212 is also available for those doing our Domestic and Dayton immersions and summer research programs.