2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Family Development

The interdisciplinary minor in family development increases understanding of the meaning and dynamics of marriage and parenthood in contemporary society. It examines the family as a major institution affecting society and surveys the individual, social, and economic problems found within families. This background contributes to preparation for careers in areas such as social work, psychology, education, communication, human ecology, and religious work.

Students minoring in family development must complete 16 semester hours, including ASI 448, SOC 331 and 12 semester hours from approved courses. The total semester hours for the minor must come from three different academic disciplines and may double count to majors and other minors.

Students desiring to minor in family development should notify their advisors, their deans, and the coordinator of family development.

Family Development Coordinator

Brenda Donnelly (Fitz Center for Leadership in Community)

Minor in Family Development (FDV)

Family Development
ASI 448Seminar in Family Development1
SOC 331Marriages & Families3
Select four courses from three different disciplines:12
Anthropology of Childhoods
Family Communication
Gender and Communication
Children and Mass Media
American Gender & Women's History
Family History
History of Women in European Societies
History of Women & Gender in the Middle East
Family Ethics
Human Growth & Development
Child Psychology
The Psychology of Adult Development & Aging
Developmental Psychopathology
Women, Gender, and Psychology
Television & Its Effects on Children
Human Sexuality
Christian Marriage
Christian Family Values & Television
Sex Roles & Society
Juvenile Justice
Perspectives on Aging
Sociology of Sexualities
Families & the Economy
Child Abuse
Parenting: Social Welfare Role
Perspectives on Aging
Death, Dying and Suicide
Total Hours16