2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Programs for Select At-Risk Students

The University has planned academic support programs, subject to availability, for a limited number of students who are judged to need special support to be successful at the University of Dayton.

The Fully Integrated Resource, Support and Transition (FIRST) Program is offered to a limited number of students whose academic profile and experience suggest they will benefit from a structured transition to college. In accepting admission to the University, FIRST students and their parents sign a contract indicating their understanding of the expectations for participants in the program. FIRST students are enrolled in a course during the fall semester which is designed to engage students in discussion and activities that will enhance their learning and study skills. In addition, FIRST students are expected to attend learning support sessions offered for several courses during the first semester.

The University Special Admits Program serves entering first-year students who are capable of academic success but, due to deficiencies in their academic background, need additional support to realize their full potential. Each year the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, in collaboration with each academic division (College of Arts and Sciences, Schools of Business Administration, Education and Health Sciences, and Engineering), sets guidelines for accepting a limited number of first-year undergraduates as Special Admit students. Each academic division has developed support programs to help Special Admit students succeed in college. Depending on the academic division, the Special Admits Program may include careful course placement, special advising, supplemental instruction in designated courses, study tables, math workshops, and cohort formation. Contact the Office of Recruitment and Admission for specific information about the Special Admits Program in each academic division.