2022-2023 Academic Catalog


Common Academic Program (CAP) 1
First-Year Humanities Commons 212 cr. hrs.
Introduction to Global Historical Studies
Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies
Introduction to Philosophy
Writing Seminar I 3
Second-Year Writing Seminar 40-3 cr. hrs.
Writing Seminar II
Oral Communication3 cr. hrs.
Principles of Oral Communication
Mathematics3 cr. hrs.
Social Science3 cr. hrs.
Social Science Integrated
Arts3 cr. hrs.
Natural Sciences 57 cr. hrs.
Crossing Boundariesup to 12 cr. hrs.
Faith Traditions
Practical Ethical Action
Inquiry 6
Advanced Study
Philosophy and/or Religious Studies (6 cr. hrs.)
Historical Studies (3 cr. hrs.) 7
Diversity and Social Justice 83 cr. hrs.
Major Capstone 90-6 cr. hrs.