2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Art and Design-Art Education


VAE 101. Early Childhood Art Education. 3 Hours

Acquaints students, especially those seeking Early Childhood Licensure, with the principles and concepts of art and with the various materials and techniques used in artistic expression. Open to all students. Studio fee. Prerequisite(s): EDT 109 or EDT 110.

VAE 231. Introduction to Art Education. 2 Hours

An introduction to the pedagogical, philosophical, and psychological aspects of teaching the arts. Topics will include: technology, national and state standards, history, learners with special needs, reading in the arts, and professional associations. Prerequisite(s): EDT 110, EDT 110L. Corequisite(s): Field experience.

VAE 232. Integrating Visual Culture. 3 Hours

Developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and pedagogical approaches to integrating visual culture theory and methodology into classrooms for early childhood, middle childhood and the adolescent learner.

VAE 383. Foundation of Art Education. 3 Hours

Introduction to the philosophy, history, and theory of teaching art to prekindergarten through grade eight students with varied needs and abilities. Art education majors only or permission. Prerequisite(s): EDT 110, EDT 110L, EDT 207, EDT 207L; permission of instructor and department chairperson. Corequisite(s): Field experience.

VAE 483. Teaching Visual Arts. 3 Hours

Study of curriculum, planning, theory, and practice for teaching visual arts to students grades seven through twelve. Art Education majors only. Prerequisite(s): EDT 110, EDT 110L, EDT 207, EDT 207L, EDT 208; VAE 231, VAE 383; permission of instructor and department chairperson. Corequisite(s): EDT 305, EDT 340, EDT 340L, EDT 459.

VAE 483W. Elementary & Secondary School Art. 3 Hours

Workshop to give the student of elementary and secondary education new approaches to teaching studio arts, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics.

VAE 490. Special Problems. 1-6 Hours

Course for advanced individual work in art education. Approval based on academic standing and permission of instructor. Repeatable up to fifteen semester hours. .

VAE 498. Senior Research and Portfolio. 3 Hours

Capstone course to be taken in the first semester of the senior year and is a graduation requirement for the B.F.A. in art education majors. Students further their preparation for vocation in the field of art education by examining three areas within the discipline. Students engage in a self-selected directed research inquiry into contemporary theoretical and pedagogical issues facing the field of art education. Students prepare for licensure assessments and develop the artist component of their teaching portfolio. Prerequisite(s): VAE 383. Corequisite(s): VAE 483.

VAE 499. Senior Presentation. 1 Hour

Individual research refinement, public presentation and defense of the work. Students engage in mock-interview and portfolio presentations in preparation for the job market. Course required for all BFA Art Education majors. Prerequisite(s): VAE 498. Corequisite(s): EDT 477.

VAE 583. Teaching Art and Design. 3 Hours

Study of curriculum, planning, theory, and practice for teaching visual arts to students pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Studio fee. Prerequisite(s): Permission; pass Praxis II. Corequisite(s): Field experience.