2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Race and Ethnic Studies


RCE 200. Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies. 3 Hours

Introduction to key concepts, themes, and debates in Race and Ethnic Studies. Focus is on developing a transdisciplinary and intersectional perspective for exploring the social construction of race and connected racialized ideologies such as colonialism, slavery, and settler colonialism.

RCE 310. Standing Rock: Sovereignty and Indigenous Rights. 3 Hours

This course will develop the intercultural competencies and cultural knowledge necessary to foster a successful immersion trip to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The course will cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to deepen student engagement and understanding on-site, and the immersion experience will provide an opportunity to apply that knowledge in an experiential context. The historical and cultural knowledge explored in the classroom will be applied to actual experiences in the Dakotas, including comparing the way that history is remembered and publicly presented in both indigenous and mainstream contexts (in, for example, museums and other cultural sites), and the way that cultural practices and epistemologies are manifested as a part of everyday life.

RCE 380. Experiential Learning and/or Independent Study. 0-3 Hours

Transcriptable course connected to experiential learning for Race and Ethnic Studies minors. Students will be required to provide guided self-reflections on the impact of their experiential learning experiences, specifically as it applies to both their minor, but also as it applies to their major. Can also be used for Independent Study credit. Corequisites: Students must be enrolled in a course with an experiential learning component, or participating in some other curricular or co-curricular experience (Study Abroad, Internship, of Semester of Service, for example) that includes an experiential learning component.