2023-2024 Academic Catalog



MKT 300. Survey of Marketing. 3 Hours

Survey of marketing for non-marketing majors. Course introduces students to market and environmental analysis, marketing strategy and links with corporate strategy, market segmentation, consumer markets, and the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place). Prerequisites: Non-business majors only; sophomore standing.

MKT 301. Principles of Marketing. 3 Hours

The general principles and practices underlying the processes of marketing. Analysis of the environmental conditions of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other marketing agencies. Prerequisites: BIZ 200 or 201; Business majors only; Sophomore standing.

MKT 310. Principles of Selling. 3 Hours

The nature of selling, explored through the practical application of buying motives and selling techniques. Projects and role-playing to experience the preparation, closing, and post-purchase phases of selling. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 313. Sales Negotiations. 3 Hours

Course integrates conceptual understanding with practical application of negotiation, with a particular emphasis on sales negotiations. Additionally, the course examines cultural and gender differences in negotiation, the influence of personality traits, the negotiation process, and different ways in which to negotiate, in particular the differences associated with transactional and relationship based selling. Demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities are part of course requirements. This course counts as a Marketing elective. This course counts as an Insight Selling Emphasis elective. Prerequisite(s): MKT 310.

MKT 315. Retail Marketing. 3 Hours

Survey of the development of retailing and the impact of consumer behavior, fashion, computers, and other innovations. Structural organization, location, and layout. Merchandising operations including planning of sales, purchases, stock control, markup, and expense control. This course offered intermittently. Prerequisites: MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 341. Business-to-Business Marketing. 3 Hours

Concepts and analytical procedures associated with marketing to business. Business consumer and competitor analysis, marketing information systems, marketing research, and demand forecasting. Strategy development in product, promotion, distribution, and pricing with focus on manufacturers of business products. This course is offered intermittently. Prerequisites: MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 350. Digital Marketing. 3 Hours

Comprehensive study of the internet as a marketing channel and as an economic and social phenomenon. Emphasis is on role of internet in firm's overall marketing efforts, especially marketing mix, target markets, and external environment; principles of e-commerce; and application of course knowledge in a managerial and decision-making context. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 351. Social Media Marketing and Metrics. 3 Hours

Social media and online communication dominate our daily lives in an unprecedented manner. This course will increase learners’ understanding of social media platforms from a business perspective, strategies that are meaningful to consumers and impactful for brands, the integration of social media into omni-channel marketing programs, and the importance and use of metrics to analyze and drive strategic decisions. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 411. Sales Management. 3 Hours

The structure of the sales organization; determination of sales policies; selection, training, and motivation of salespersons; establishing sales territories and quotas. Prerequisites: MKT 310.

MKT 412. Advanced Selling Skills in High Technology Industries. 3 Hours

This course is focused on expanding the depth and breadth of the students' knowledge of the professional selling process, so that they can develop a much deeper understanding of Business-to-Business (B2B), Consultative Selling in High Technology Industries, with a significant emphasis placed on the Complex or Major Sale. Prerequisite(s): MKT 310.

MKT 413. Value Analysis in Major Sales Engagements. 3 Hours

According to Neil Rackham, author of “SPIN Selling”: “Today, sales forces that simply communicate value to the customer are doomed to fail. Sales must begin to create value for the customer, in order to survive.” In this course you will learn how to define and begin the process of investigating and determining three types of value for the customer: Financial Value, Business Value and Personal Value. We will then learn how to further develop and quantify each type of value for the customer. Once we have created the value for the customer, we will focus on how to articulate and present this value to the customer by “selling with impact”; to close the sale, win the business and enhance the long-term Customer Partnering Relationship. Prerequisite(s): MKT 310.

MKT 415. Sales Coaching. 1 Hour

This course is for experienced Insight Selling students who seek to develop their managerial/mentoring skills through learning how to coach a sales team. Prerequisites: MKT 310, Permission of the Program Director.

MKT 416. Inside Sales. 3 Hours

A review of the sales process when sales professionals operate from their office and are not visiting face-to-face with potential customers. Students learn how to qualify prospective customers, and employ webinars, email, and telephone calls to interact with prospective customers. This course is offered intermittently. Prerequisites: MKT 310.

MKT 421. Advertising. 3 Hours

Nature and scope of advertising, social and economic aspects, role of research, creative strategy, media planning and selection, coordination with other marketing efforts. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 428. Promotion Management. 3 Hours

Integration course to familiarize marketing students interested in promotion and marketing communication with tools necessary for the development, implementation, and management of promotional programs. Focus on management and coordination of advertising, personal selling, publicity and public relations, sales promotion, and collateral materials. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 430. Brand Management. 3 Hours

This highly interactive course is a hands-on, practical exploration of product, service, and enterprise-wide brand building and management. The course is structured along the daily responsibilities and challenges faced by brand/marketing managers. As such, the course will provide experience with proven strategies for building successful brands in the competitive marketplace, the decisions and options faced by brand managers, and the tools to effectively manage brands. It covers topics such as product management, branding, brand equity, integrated branding strategies, brand positioning, perceptual mapping and long term brand management. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 435. New Product Development. 3 Hours

Investigation and analysis of the new product development process, the management of a product through its life cycle, and the importance of the price variable in the product management process. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 440. Global Marketing. 3 Hours

Emphasis on understanding global marketing environments, developing skills of global market analysis, designing and developing appropriate marketing strategies for global markets, decision making in global marketing. Prerequisite(s): MKT 300 or MKT 301.

MKT 441. Marketing Analytics. 3 Hours

This course will introduce students to quantitative analytical methods (a.k.a. marketing analytics) commonly used to solve marketing problems and assist in making business decisions. These techniques help marketers identify customer preferences, segment the market, predict customer responses to marketing mix decisions, and help guide resource allocation (e.g., preparing marketing budget). This course is expected to provide students with hands-on experience implementing these analytical techniques in various business decisions using software (Microsoft Excel) likely used in every business office. This course is intended as a complement to the MKT Capstone course (MKT 455), and is not a substitution for the MKT Capstone course (MKT 455). This course is offered intermittently. Prerequisites: MKT 300 or MKT 301, DSC 211.

MKT 450. Buyer Behavior & Market Analysis. 6 Hours

Integration of theoretical components of buyer behavior and marketing research. Emphasis placed on how marketing managers use concepts from these bodies of knowledge to make better decisions. Topics include common processes and methods of contemporary market research, analysis of purchase decisions, market research techniques used to gather information about purchase decisions, and use of information to formulate and implement a marketing strategy. Prerequisite(s): DSC 211; MKT 301; Marketing major; junior standing.

MKT 455. Marketing Analytics and Strategy. 3 Hours

This course, which is the CAP major capstone, focuses on the analytical methods used to interpret market and customer data and to inform strategic decisions. Emphasis is placed on applying the empirical results from data analyses to issues of market identification and segmentation, product and brand positioning, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies. Topics include hypothesis testing through statistical analyses, development of data-driven marketing strategy recommendations, and clarity in reporting of results. These topics are covered through analysis of marketing project data from class clients, preparation of a comprehensive marketing research strategy report, and presentation of results and recommendations to clients. Prerequisite(s): ACC 207, ACC 208; MKT 450; Marketing major.

MKT 491. Honors Thesis. 3 Hours

Selection, design, investigation, and completion of an independent original research thesis under the guidance of a departmental faculty member. Restricted to students in the University Honors Program with permission of the director of the program and the departmental chairperson.

MKT 494. Special Topics in Marketing. 3 Hours

Subject varies from time to time. May be taken more than once if topic changes. Prerequisite(s): Vary by topic.

MKT 497. Internship for General Elective Credit. 1-3 Hours

Practical work experience associated with career development and career exploration. See internship coordinator for details. Permission of department chair or designee required. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Prerequisites: MKT major; Junior standing; Permission of Internship Coordinator.

MKT 498. Cooperative Education. 1-3 Hours

Optional full-time work period off campus alternating with study period on campus. (See Chapter X; consult Cooperative Education Office for details.) Permission of chairperson or designee required. For general elective credit only. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Prerequisites: MKT major.

MKT 499. Independent Study in Marketing. 1-3 Hours

Study of one or more specific aspects of the marketing process with emphasis on individual reading and research. Subject matter to be determined by the instructor on the basis of interest and need of the student. Enrollment limited. Permission of chairperson or designee required. Prerequisite(s): MKT 301; MKT major; senior standing; permission of department chairperson.