Minors in Engineering

The student majoring in chemical, civil, computer, electrical or mechanical engineering may choose a minor area of technical study. The minors program in the School of Engineering provides an opportunity to specialize in a particular technical sub-area while still pursuing a major program of study in one of the traditional and well recognized engineering disciplines. The minors program was designed in response to the needs of industry and government and to the educational needs and career objectives of students. Election of the minor is optional; it may require additional courses for completion.

The minor is defined as at least 12 semester hours of work. It can be composed of any number of 1- to 4-semester-hour courses selected from the approved list of minor areas of study.

The minors available to engineering students are: 

A 12 semester hour concentration in electro-optics is available to electrical and computer engineering undergraduates. A 16 semester hour concentration in aerospace engineering is also available to mechanical engineering students. Additional minors from outside the School of Engineering are available in many subject areas.
Students, in consultation with their faculty advisors, normally select the minor or concentration in the second semester of their sophomore year. The minor or concentration is designated on the student's transcript.