2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Disability Studies (DST)

Develop specialized knowledge of scholarship and issues in disability studies. 

Course requirements:

DSS 100: Foundations of Disability Studies (3 credits, Required of all Minors)

The remaining credits are to be fulfilled from the following list (9 credits). Students must take courses in at least two of the three areas. Students may register for 0-3 credits of experiential learning to complete these 9 credits (a maximum of 3 credits total of experiential learning may count towards the minor). 


ANT 336Topics in Medical Anthropology3
ENG 373Writing in the Health Professions3
PSY 368Community Psychology3
SWK 305Social Services in the Health Field3
SWK 307Mental Health Services3
SWK 330Perspectives on Aging3
THR 250Diversity in Creative & Performing Arts3
VAR 250Diversity in Creative & Performing Arts3
Theoretical and Historical Knowledge
CMM 372Communication for Health Professionals3
CMM 419Communicating Health Disparities3
ENG 331Studies in Film (Nazi Cinema, to be Developed as GER 3XX)3
ENG 497Research Seminar-Writing (Narrative Medicine, taught by Liz Hutter, to be developed ENG 3XX)3
PHL 315Medical Ethics3
PSY 251Human Growth & Development3
REL 214Magic, Medicine, or Miracles: Disability in the Ancient World, the Bible, and Today3
REL 343Theology of Humanity, Sexuality, and Marriage3
REL 367Christian Ethics & Health Care Issues3
HSS 360Sport and Bodies 3
SOC 360Sport and Bodies3
SWK 380Health and Inequality3


CMM 316Intercultural Communication3
ENG 366Health Literacy and Social Justice3
HSS 200Motor Control and Learning3
HSS 220Adapted Physical Activity3
HSS 422Exercise for Special Populations3
MED 210Premed Community Health Experience0-1
MED 220Hospital Elder Life Program0-1
MUS 123Introduction to Therapeutic Movement1
MUS 125Introduction to Music Therapy (For MT Majors and Minors only)3
MUS 246Music Therapy Treatment Processes (For MT Majors and Minors Only)1
MUS 273Practicum in Music Therapy I (For MT Majors and Minors only)1
MUS 390Ensembles0.5-1
PSY 431Interviewing & Counseling3
SWK 370Advocacy Practice in Social Work3
This is a 12 credit minor.