2018-2019 Academic Catalog

Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Minor is designed for students interested in language, history, culture and philosophies of Asia. With a focus on the peoples of South and East Asia, students will be exposed to interdisciplinary methodologies and comparative perspectives. The Minor is designed to allow students to plan a structured series of courses that will contribute to an intellectual engagement and appreciation of the diversity of Asian societies. The Minor consists of 15 credits selected from the following disciplines: History, Global Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art and Design, and Business.

The Asian Studies minor requires 15 semester hours of courses selected from the following list.  Courses must be from at least three disciplines.

Asian Studies Committee

Christopher Agnew (History), Director
Bein (Philosophy), Dasgupta (Sociology), Lau (Marketing), MacLachlan (Music), Roy (History), Yang (Languages)

Minor in Asian Studies (ANS)

Asian Studies
Select five courses from at least three different disciplines: 1
Making of Modern South Asia
Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II
Communicating in Chinese
Chinese Conversation and Composition I
Chinese Conversation and Composition II
Chinese Civilization and Culture
Directed Study
Intermediate Hindi II
Making of Modern South Asia
History of Pre-Modern East Asia
History of East Asia to 1800
India: Traditions and Encounters
History of Modern East Asia
Making of Modern South Asia
State & Secession in South Asia
Gandhi's India
China in Revolution
Seminar in Asian History
Doing Business in Asia
Music and Buddhism in Southeast Asia
Chinese Philosophy
Japanese Philosophy
Comparative East-West Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Arts of Asia
Total Hours15-16