Arts Administration

The minor in Arts Administration provides an introductory background to students with an interest in the management of non-profit arts and community organizations. Eligible students are declared majors or minors in music, theatre, and visual arts, or majors in business. The minor offers two tracks depending on the student's major. It provides Arts students with an introductory foundation in business and economics, and SBA students with further literature and practical study in the arts. Core courses explore special issues and challenges that the art community faces today. The minor integrates classroom study with real-world experiences with area arts organizations. The Arts Administration minor requires 19 semester hours, including seven semester hours of core interdisciplinary courses.

Arts Administration Committee

Sharon Gratto (Music), Coordinator
Judith Huacuja (Art and Design), Brian LaDuca (Art Street), Rebecca Wells (School of Business Administration)

Minor in Arts Administration (AAD)

Arts Administration - Track A (required for visual arts, music and theatre majors and minors)
AAD 301Introduction to Arts Administration3
AAD 498Arts Administration Internship1-3
ACC 200Introduction to Accounting3
ECO 203Principles of Microeconomics3
Select two courses from:6
Introduction to Financial Management
Legal Environment of Business
Survey of Marketing
Introduction to Operations & Supply Management
Total Hours16-18

Arts Administration - Track B (required for business majors)
AAD 301Introduction to Arts Administration3
AAD 498Arts Administration Internship1-3
Select three courses from two areas:9
Music 1
Music In Concert
Professional Development Workshop
Music History & Literature II
Introduction to Musics of the World
Theatre Appreciation
History of the Theatre I
Theatre Theory & History
Visual Arts
Introduction to the Visual Arts
Survey of Art I
Survey of Art II
Survey of Art III
Select courses from performance or creative arts:3
Voice Class
Beginning Guitar Class I
Group Piano I
Beginning Guitar Class II
Functional Keyboard Skills I
   and Functional Keyboard Skills II
Performance Studies
University Orchestra
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
University Chorale
Theatre Laboratory
Basic Dance for the Performing Artist
Beginning Tap Dance
Beginning Jazz Dance
Beginning Ballet
Theatre Stagecraft
Light Design
Acting for Everyone
Acting for the Camera
Voice & Movement
Set Design
Computer Applications- Design
Computer Applications- Illustration
Design Processes I
Foundation Drawing
Foundation 2-D Design
Foundation Photography
Total Hours16-18


 Other courses may be selected with approval.


AAD 301. Introduction to Arts Administration. 3 Hours

Interdisciplinary introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of managing a non-profit arts organization. Study of strategies and tools for effective arts management. Recommended for students with a background in the arts and/or business.

AAD 498. Arts Administration Internship. 1-3 Hours

Arts administration work experience in an approved organization. Student must be in good academic standing. Students are limited to a maximum of three semester hours. Prerequisite(s): AAD 301; UDI 371; permission of program advisor.