2018-2019 Academic Catalog

Africana Studies

The Africana studies minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the peoples of Africa and African descendants in the Americas, Africa, and throughout the diaspora. Through its courses, the minor encourages service at the local, national, and international level. The minor prepares distinctive graduates to develop and use analytical skills and approaches to understand historical and contemporary issues associated with the experience of Africans and African descendants. The minor is interdisciplinary and structured to incorporate teaching and research methodologies and materials from disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences and other schools throughout the University.

The Africana studies minor requires 15 semester hours. It must include one approved "Special Topics" or "Independent Study" course from an appropriate discipline and 12 semester hours in upper division courses (300-level or above) from a minimum of three different disciplines.

Africana Studies Committee

Julius A. Amin (History), Coordinator
Cox (Music), James (Philosophy)

Minor in Africana Studies (AFS)

Africana Studies
Select four courses from at least three different disciplines:12
Educating Diverse Student Populations in Inclusive Settings
African American Literature
History of Africa I: Pre-history to the 19th Century
History of Africa - 19th Century to the Present
History of the Caribbean
The Atlantic World, 1492-1800
African American History before 1877
History of Blacks in the United States Since 1900
Seminar in African History
African-American Sacred Music
History of American Jazz
African Philosophy
Race, Gender and Philosophy
African-American Religion
Racial & Ethnic Relations
Select one special topics course from:3
Special Topics in Music
Special Topics
Special Problems
Special topics or independent studies course approved by committee
Total Hours15